Designing journalism for a modern market

16 Apr

Journalism’s evolution as a business has progressed just as much as another form of social media. The presentation of the news is just as important as the news itself to readers, and a journalist’s ability to understand and incorporate this new idea is the core of his or her success. BBC business editor Robert Peston spoke about the future of journalism and the idea of the total journalist.

The total journalist does not specialize in television broadcast or print, but is versatile enough to contribute to any medium their readers may desire. Newspapers’ competitors are not limited to other papers, but also morning news shows and citizen journalist-fueled blogs. Peston’s blog, Peston’s Picks, is the central nervous system of his work, but it also connects all the other aspects of his contribution to the media.

Just as the beginning of broadcast journalism involved the rote reading of wire copy on-air, online media is still bumbling around like a newborn giraffe. However, each passing year gives us a more definitive idea of how to best utilize all this technology to reach the broadest audience possible through both good quality in-house content and the integration of outside resources. Stimulating readers to find news just as interesting as browsing Facebook  has proven to be a difficult task, but understanding how to personalize the news can prove to be just as worth reading as the Facebook status from that girl you met at freshman orientation you haven’t spoken to since that one time you saw her in the dining hall and you had nothing to talk about.


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