Social Media Report: Mission Improvable

19 Apr

To promote my blog Mission Improvable, an exploration of themes, shows, thoughts and experiences related to improvisational comedy, I posted on a variety of social media platforms to encourage friends and followers to read and talk about my posts.

I was initially hesitant to publicize my blog until I was fully satisfied that the content was objective and removed from any judgment of my personal friends and co-improvisers. Many people in my improv troupe in years past had fallen victim to the temptation to create cyber-drama with their blogs. What started as a means to explore and discuss the craft had become more vindictive and counterproductive than anything else. Once I had a few friends read through it, however, I posted publicly was on my Facebook to tell all my personal friends about it.

I also posted the link on my Twitter account to tell some of my followers, many of who are not my personal Facebook friends.

In addition to Facebook and Twitter, I posted a link to my blog on my Tumblr account. One of the great aspects of Tumblr is that you can tag posts for oft-searched phrases. The picture above doesn’t show it, but I tagged the post for “comedy,” “improv,” “blog” so anyone who searches those terms would find the link I posted.

I also had the idea to post in Theatre Strike Force’s community group on Facebook to gather suggestions for what they as improvisers and as a general blog audience would want to read about. Among the plentiful off-color jokes (they really can’t help themselves), a few members had some great ideas that I wound up writing about. I thought this was a great way to raise awareness about the blog and that incorporating their ideas would encourage them to read it as well.

On April 7 when I initially posted about the blog, my views spiked to about 28 that day alone. While most other days had only a few views, I had seven when I posted the first article that I took as a suggestion from the TSF Facebook thread and had spikes up to 19 views on days I posted new content. Overall, my social media efforts definitely helped in garnering page views and user interest, but there’s still a long way to go to get any kind of regular readership.


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